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fall/cold vacation outfits // vacation to europe

A lot of people ask me what they should wear going to Europe/(Paris/London/etc) where its a bit colder or its going to be the fall season, so I compiled some outfits I already made for a vacation that will be on the chillier side :-) Hope it helps! 

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Breakfast this morning, inspired by a post I saw on here hehe / poached eggs, whole wheat italian toast, avocado, salt & pepper




By: Grecia

Author’s Note: I recently had the chance to interview the lovely blogger behind the blog christiescloset. She is one of the biggest rising fashion icons, that you have probably seen while scrolling down your tumblr dashboard. We sparked up some questions for her, check out the interview below! Much Love xx 

What inspired you to begin posting your own pictures and start blogging? 

To be honest, I had no intentions on starting a fashion blog, all I had in mind was that I was going to post pictures that I took, more as a photo diary…its so weird, its like it happened over night and all the sudden I found myself posting ‘ootds’ and people asking questions..and before I knew it, it became the place where I put all my personal photographs and fashion inspirations. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion, but I never thought I could start my own blog dedicated to it! It’s insane, and totally unplanned, but I am so happy it worked out that way. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Hm…its such a mixture, its almost annoying! I wish I had a clear-cut style…but I guess when it comes down to it I really lean towards grungy yet simple staple items, then add boho/indie details. 

Favorite songs at the moment?

 I’ve been listening to ‘Just One Day’ by the Mighty Oaks in the car nonstop, that’s a song you want to drive to…and then there’s ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ by the Wombats, ‘Old One’ by Kids of Adelaide, ‘Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance, and ‘Undo’ by the 1975…1975 always has to be on the list.

What does fashion mean to you? 

Fashion…its how everyone presents themselves…whether they’re into it or not, and whether someone might admit or not, its the first thing that anyone physically see’s in another. It’s all about representing you and what you’re into, and I love that. Everyone has a different style, different look, different preferences…it literally makes the world go round. And to think that there is always something different and new coming up…it’s a beautiful thing!

What are your must haves this season? 

I have been so into hats lately, I feel like I’m that crazy hat lady, not even kidding. I’ve been wearing tons of simple dresses, boho flowy pants, crop tops, crochet bralettes, graphic tanks, ripped jeans, and hats (of course).

What are your aspirations for the future? 

I just want to be happy, really. I get so intimidated just thinking about the future…whatever happens will happen. Of course I would hope that big things will happen and I work with fashion the rest of my life, but only time will tell. 

What do you love most about being a blogger? 

It’s so amazing that people are interested in what I wear, to the point where they ask me questions and follow me and what not, I can’t wrap my head around it to this day hahaha…but its just so great to hear from everyone and listen to what they have to say and answer their questions…its literally the least I could do, and its just so cool to be able to talk to so many people, I love it. 

Favorite quote? 

"She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city."

What kind of advice would you give someone who is afraid/insecure of expressing their personal style? 

You don’t want to look back on life and be like ‘wow, I wish I wore what I want and didn’t conform to a person’ because the worst thing is to have regrets like that…and now is the time to do exactly what you want; we are young, we are free, and people are so much more receptive to others who just express themselves, especially nowadays! Overall if you’re scared, conquering that fear will be so worth it, you won’t even think twice about what you’re doing. You will feel so much more confident in being you, I promise, it might be a little different at first…but when you’re strutting your stuff in an outfit you love and feel comfortable in, you’ll feel on top of the world. And you do that just once, you will not be afraid to do it again. 

Social media sites? 

Instagram: @cctylr. Tumblr: christiescloset. Twitter:  @cctylr. Blogspot: Youtube: ‘rosykid’. 

So much love to reef magazine for interviewing me! And of course to all of you as well :’) Love you! 

"Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose."

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got a green smoothie & went book shopping for some good reads to devour on the beach ☺️

you guys!!! so this saturday i’m going down to the beach with my fam for a week (lbi) and i am so so excited to finally be on the beach and bike ride and have that salty ocean and sand on my skin..wee 🌞 i will take tons of pictures, but i might be slacking on messages so i deeply apologize, but i need a break just for my soul. just wanted to keep you guys updated on whats going on, etc :-) love you so much & hope that everyone is having a nice summer or season in general (depending on where you live) 💛 xoxoxo!